Ideas For A Candy Free Halloween

What if you want to hand out tooth friendly Halloween treats but don’t want to get on the “trick” list?  We believe that a candy free Halloween can be even more fun than one coated in sugar.  Here are 5 ideas to help you be the most popular house on the street while saving tiny teeth from cavities one trick-or-treater at a time.­

Candy Free Halloween Treats

Give a “prize” instead of a treat.

Retailers that sell party favors and supplies are a great place to find prizes that you can hand out to kids.  These small trinkets last long after the candy has been eaten and will be remembered much longer as well.


Candy Free Halloween Play Dough

Help kids get creative with clay!

Multi-packs of mini play dough containers are available to purchase or you can even make your own.  You could put small batches of homemade play dough in plastic baggies with a quick note explaining that the dough is for play and not food.


Candy Free Halloween Ideas Glow Sticks

Keep kids safe with glow sticks!

Glow sticks are available at really low prices at craft and discount stores.  Kids love glow sticks (and so do we!)


Candy Free Halloween Stickers

Give fun Halloween stickers.

Who doesn’t love a cool sticker?  If you have a variety, you can let kids choose their own design that they can then save for later or wear while trick-or-treating.


candy_free_halloween Pinterest Ideas


Get awesome ideas on Pinterest.

A quick search on Pinterest reveals a TON of ideas for a candy free Halloween.  You can find craft ideas, inexpensive gifts and handouts that will make every child who comes to your door smile.  While your at it, check out our Pinterest boards for even more dental health ideas!


Have more ideas?  We would love to hear from you.  Leave us a comment below!


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