9 Tips for Finding the Right Pediatric Dentist

You want to keep your child happy and healthy, which is why choosing the right pediatric dentist is such an important decision. Pediatric dentists take care of your little one’s smile and play a significant role in cultivating your child’s lifelong oral health habits. Finding the right fit for your family doesn’t have to be as elusive or daunting as it might seem. Below we have compiled our top tips for finding the right pediatric dentist. These tips will simplify your search and leave you and your children smiling.

1. Understand the qualifications and services of a pediatric dentist

It’s important to note how pediatric dentists differ from family dentists. A family dentist treats people of all ages. A pediatric dentist specializes in treating children. Both dentists go to four years of dental school; however, pediatric dentists require two to three years of additional training. In these extra years of practice, pediatric dentists learn tactics to better serve children. They learn tactics to make children feel more comfortable, address children’s behaviors, and specialize in children’s dental needs.

Pediatric dentists also tend to have more welcoming environments for children and are better adept at explaining procedures so that children understand. If you’re looking for the best care for your child, narrow your Google search from “dentist that will see my child” to “pediatric dentist.”

2. Consider the location

Ideally, you want your child’s pediatric dentist to be conveniently located. It’s highly recommended to search for pediatric dentists in your area. A short drive can also help minimize any dental anxiety your little one might have on the way to their visit. When considering the location, perhaps the most convenient may be near your home or work.

3. Seek recommendations

Reach out to other parents in your area to ask if they have a pediatric dentist they recommend. Consider these recommendations honest testimonials that can have you feeling more confident as you sift through potential options.

4. Look at online reviews

As you narrow your search, it can be beneficial to read online reviews from other parents. You can see a dental office’s overall rating as well as honest testimonials. Online reviews can offer key insight into whether other parents would recommend that particular pediatric dentist.

5. Make a list of your expectations

Make a list of all the qualities and services that your dream pediatric dentist would have. This often overlooked yet crucial step can help you find the best match. Write out your expectations, such as years of experience, gentleness, and the ability to make your child feel comfortable. Having bullet points in mind will help you once you start contacting potential dental offices.

6. Schedule a consultation

Most pediatric dentists welcome potential new clients for a consultation. This is a low-anxiety appointment in which you and your child can check out the office, meet the staff, and ask questions directly to the dentist.

7. Post-consultation Reflection

After meeting with your child’s potential new pediatric dentist, reflect on how the office and the dentist made you feel. Did he or she meet your list of expectations? Did your child seem content and comfortable? These are all factors in determining if that pediatric dentist is right for your family.

8. Schedule your child’s first appointment

Once you’ve made your decision, feel free to schedule your child’s first appointment! You might opt for a routine cleaning as your child’s first appointment with his or her new dentist. This gives a good foundation for your child’s new dentist to collect baseline information about your child’s oral health as well as ease your child into their new office!

9. Looking for a pediatric dentist in the Worcester area?

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