5 Bad Brushing Blunders: Tooth Brushing Mistakes to Avoid

Brushing mistakes

We all know how to brush our teeth, right? Unfortunately there are times when we may actually do more harm than good. Here are the five worst toothbrush blunders:


Brushing teeth too hard

1. Brushing too hard.

Brushing with too much force can damage sensitive gums and wear away the protective enamel of your teeth. Try to brush as lightly as possible and consider using a soft bristled brush. Most people should avoid bristles labeled as “hard”.


Storing your toothbrush

2. Not storing your toothbrush properly.

Ironically, one of the worst places to store your toothbrush is in the bathroom! It’s humid and full of germs. Avoid leaving your toothbrush where it will stay damp or come into contact with a lot of airborne bacteria. If you use a toothbrush cover, make certain that it allows your toothbrush to dry and consider one that has an antibacterial coating. One of the best places to store your toothbrush is upright in a closed cabinet.


Sharing your toothbrush

3. Sharing your toothbrush.

Even if you’re not sharing with Fido, you should avoid allowing other members of your family to share your toothbrush. Bacteria can be transferred from mouth to mouth leaving you more susceptible to illness and even cavities. Make sure everyone has their own toothbrush!


Replacing your toothbrush

4. Using an old toothbrush.

Many people continue using their toothbrush long after it’s time to replace it. As a general rule, your toothbrush should be replaced at least every 3-4 months especially if you notice that the bristles have become frayed. You should also consider tossing your old toothbrush in the trash after you have had the cold or flu.


Not brushing long enough

5. Not brushing long enough.

Many people don’t brush long enough. You should brush for at least two minutes, twice each day. Try using the timer on your phone to get an idea of how long two minutes truly is. Children can be encouraged to brush for the proper amount of time by using some of the tools found on the 2min2x website!

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